Private tours in Montenegro

Day-long tours with personal chauffeur to Kotor, Budva or Podgorica for individuals or groups. In recent years, Kotor has become a very popular holiday destination, with cruise boats arriving every day and bringing tourists for one-day tours.

*Airport Taxi offers the following tours from every city in  Montenegro:

  • tour of the historical fortress, the remains of settlements and military fortifications of medieval Montenegrin state Duklja,
  • mountain tours to enjoying and explore the Montenegrin mountains Bjelasica, Komovi, Durmitor, Sinjajevina, Lovcen and Lakes Bukumirsko, Rikavacko, Pesicko, Sisko, Biogradsko, Crno, Kapetanovo in the off-road vehicles on unpaved roads.

Private tours lakes

Excursion from Podgorica to Bukumirsko and Rikavacko lakes

Airport Taxi's SUV Nissan Pathfinder will take you through Kuci, where you can take photographs of the panorama of Podgorica. The second part of the trip takes you over Kucka Korita towards the lakes over some unpaved roads. The way back is over the old road with many serpentines over Veruša and Lijeva Rijeka. This tour is 8-10 hours long.
Private tours Duklja

One-day excursions to Podgorica

If you love nature and want to see the surroundings of Podgorica, our drivers will take you on a tour of the waterfall on the River Cijevna, vine cellar Sipcanik or archaeological remains of the first Montenegrin state Duklja.
Private tours Ostrog monastery

Excursion from Budva to Ostrog monastery

This is the second most visited tour, during which we take you on a tour of Podgorica, near the remains of the fortifications of the first Montenegrin state Duklja at the mouth of the River Zeta and Moraca. On our way back,  we visit the town of Cetinje and Cetinje monastery.
Private tours to Lovcen

Private tours to Lovcen

We offer one-day visits to historical and cultural capital Cetinje, Lovcen mausoleum. We also visit the village of Njegusi where you can try local prosciutto and cheese that are known throughout the world. We stop over the Bay of Kotor, from where you can take the most beautiful photos of the Bay.
Private Tours Kotor Budva Perast

Visit Kotor, Budva and Perast for one day

We offer private excursions to Kotor, Budva and Perast with or without a guide. You will get a chance to see the famous serpentines and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor. If you have more time to feel the spirit of Montenegro, we can extend the visit to Budva, stop for a photo session of Sveti Stefan , take a walk in Virpazar, visit a private vineyard, taste local wine, brandy and national food dishes. The duration of this tour is at least 6 hours.

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