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Financial psychology is the study of the mind and behavior as it relates to spending, saving, and investing decisions. Financial psychologists apply psychological theories, methods, and practices to the areas of personal finance and financial services.

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To understand financial psychology in the broader field of psychology, we will first consider the basic definition of psychology from the APA.


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In a world of tryhards on social media platforms always telling us to Subscribe (I won’t, and neither will they so shut up and provide content. The watchers will follow when you’ve become mostly good over mostly cringe/bad.) this book is soooo refreshingly quick and drives home it point(s) fast.
Anthony Crossman
I have read close to 300 financial books over the last 40 years. This one stands out with the best of them as it has to do with one's behavior handling money. There is so much useful financial wisdom in this book that you will be taking notes to live by.
Cameron Elmers
Heard about this book from Farnoosh Torabi’s “So Money” podcast, which I also recommend. Once you read a lot of finance, investing and money books, you can appreciate the simple advice Housel offers in the Psychology of Money: time, compounding, savings, living frugally and enjoying your time. I’m on board, and will share this book with others.
Noah Fleming

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